Rob Vagramov for Mayor of Port Moody

Fresh Leadership to Keep Port Moody Amazing


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"The 'Metrotown model' might work for Burnaby or Coquitlam,
but Port Moody can do better."


Growth is easy.
Retaining what makes your town amazing as it grows requires a fresh approach:


Grow Our City Responsibly

  • Stick To The Plan - Don't exceed our Community Plan's ambitious growth targets

  • Big Picture Planning - City-wide discussions every time, not just considering projects one-by-one

  • Real Negotiating with builders for affordable housing, amenities, parkland. 
    No more crumbs from developers' tables

  • Modernize Economic Development - Business-friendly city, ready for tomorrow's economy

  • Quality of Life First - Let's get back to winning livability awards!


Protect and Expand Parks

  • Protect Our Parks and natural spaces, including Bert Flinn Park

  • Expand Parkland with population growth - Push for a meaningful expansion of Rocky Point Park in Oceanfront project

  • Wildlife Co-Existence - Mitigate human-wildlife conflict with big-picture wildlife strategies

  • Reduce Greenhouse Emissions - Set goals to exceed Provincial GHG reduction targets


Plan Properly for Transportation and Facilities

  • Manage congestion - Explore every possible traffic idea including Green Wave timing, counterflow, signal priority, etc

  • Transportation Committee - Immediately re-instate vital resident-led Committee

  • Alternate-Mode Incentives to encourage walking, cycling, carshare, transit use

  • Modernize Capital Plan - Fund civic facilities (library, fields, etc) with growth, prioritized to reduce political interference

  • Remove Ioco Road from Major Road Network - Limit thru-traffic to create a safer, more neighbourhood-oriented street


Growth is great, but let's not lose sight of what makes Port Moody. 


On October 20th, Vote to Keep Port Moody Amazing.

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