Rob Vagramov for Mayor

Fresh Leadership to Keep Port Moody Amazing



"The 'Metrotown model' might work for Burnaby or Coquitlam,
but Port Moody can do better."


Growth is easy.
Retaining what makes your town amazing as it grows requires a fresh approach.

So... How much time have you got?


Grow Our City Responsibly

  • Stick To The Plan - Instead of exceeding growth targets, bring our growth back in line with our Community Plan's agreed-upon growth targets

  • Big Picture Planning - City-wide discussions every time, not just considering projects one-by-one

  • Jobs, Jobs, Jobs - Increasing condos means paying for more services;
    Focus Moody Centre on economic growth to diversify and stabilize taxes.

  • Real Negotiating with builders for affordable housing, amenities, parkland. 
    No more crumbs from developers' tables

  • Modernize Economic Development - Business-friendly city, ready for tomorrow's economy

  • Quality of Life First - Let's get back to winning livability awards!


Protect and Expand Parks

  • Protect Our Parks and natural spaces, including Bert Flinn Park

  • Expand Parkland with population growth - Push for a meaningful expansion of Rocky Point Park in Oceanfront project

  • Wildlife Co-Existence - Mitigate human-wildlife conflict with big-picture wildlife strategies

  • Reduce Greenhouse Emissions - Set goals to exceed Provincial GHG reduction targets


Plan Properly for Transportation and Facilities

  • Manage congestion - Explore every possible traffic idea including Green Wave timing, counterflow, signal priority, etc

  • Transportation Committee - Immediately re-instate vital resident-led Committee

  • Alternate-Mode Incentives to encourage walking, cycling, carshare, transit use

  • Modernize Capital Plan - Fund civic facilities (library, fields, etc) with growth cash, without pawning off City Land, and prioritized to reduce political interference / foot-dragging

  • Remove Ioco Road from Major Road Network - Limit thru-traffic to create a safer, more neighbourhood-oriented street


While growth is great, let's not lose sight of what makes Port Moody. 


On October 20th, Vote to Keep Port Moody Amazing.

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