Coronation Park - So close to consensus


This amendment to the Official Community Plan was the one originally fraught with the most controversy, but has since become the poster child for near-consensus. 

Originally, the neighbourhood came out divided almost exactly 50/50: About half of residents preferred small scale redevelopment, with the other half opting for high density. Over time, this gap narrowed and now there is near-consensus for high density in the neighbourhood, a fact that changed my mind about the project. 

Now that there was near-consensus in the neighbourhood, it was clear that redevelopment was the way to go. What is less clear is how much more residential density this part of town really needs, and whether opting for seven 26 storey towers is in the best interest of the city as a whole. 

In scaling back growth city-wide, this project is the one which ought to be scaled back the least, best achieved by slightly reducing tower heights, especially further away from the Inlet Centre Skytrain station.

Land use designation approved in ocp.
vision presented:

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