Rob Vagramov for Mayor


Meet Rob Vagramov



In Brief

✓  CITY COUNCILLOR since 2014 in Port Moody

✓  TECHNOLOGY CONSULTANT since 2009 for a Vancouver startup

✓  MEDIA CONSULTANT since 2015 for an community-building NGO



Port Moody to the Core,
Change for the Better.

Rob Vagramov grew up in Port Moody, and has lived here for the past 17 years in the diverse neighbourhoods of Seaview, Moody Centre, and the North Shore. As a kid, he would be found up in the mountains hiking and exploring, a pastime that instilled a deep respect for the nature that surrounds our city.

Seeking freedom and a fresh start, Rob’s family settled here in the early 1990’s, having escaped Ukraine during the Soviet collapse. This experience, and the stories it contained, sparked Rob’s political interests early in life and drew him to study Business Management and Political Science at the University of Ottawa.

Background in Small Business & Technology
As a business professional, Rob has built expertise in digital technology and media.  Over the last 8 years he has worked for a Vancouver-based technology firm, operating as an independent contractor - a one-man small business. Providing media services, as well, to a local NGO has given Rob the opportunity to combine his professional skills with his commitment to positive societal change. 


Councillor Rob


"Getting elected to represent my hometown on city council was one of the biggest honours of my life.
having the community believe in my ideas and put THEIR trust in me is something I will never forget"


Broad Municipal Engagement
At City Hall, Rob has chaired or vice-chaired a broad range of civic committees, including the Community Planning Advisory Committee, the Environmental Protection Committee, the Youth Focus Committee, the Seniors’ Focus Committee, the Master Transportation Plan Steering Committee, and the Transportation Committee. 

During his time on Council, Rob brought important local initiatives to the Council table, which include, among others:

  • protecting and expanding the city’s key Park assets (Bert Flinn Park, and Rocky Point Park),

  • investigating the divestment of city investments from risky fossil fuel markets,

  • cleaning up the City Owned Lands and using them for community purposes before the referendum,

  • fast-tracking the phasing out of single use plastics,

  • investigating the removal of Ioco Road from Translink’s Major Road Network to restrict thru traffic. 

Throughout his term, Rob made his name as the responder on Council. Whether it was during the Sinkhole Crisis that hit Seaview/College Park, or when the Save Bert Flinn Park movement came knocking on City Hall’s doors, or when SD43 planned since-cancelled changes to school cachement areas, Rob was ready and eager to welcome resident concerns, and bring them to the Council table to advocate for prompt solutions. 

An Advocate for Better Parks & Environment
Whether he is bringing new ideas to the table for the unification of Bert Flinn Park, the western expansion of Rocky Point Park, or lobbying the Provincial government to enable energy retrofits, Rob is devoted to enhancement of Port Moody’s exceptional parks and natural environment.

A Recognized Leader in Good City Governance
Among all the elected officials of B.C.’s Lower Mainland, the Mayors and Councillors of our region recently elected Rob to serve as Vice President of the Lower Mainland LGA (Local Government Association), after three years of service on its Board. This regional nod of confidence, and the exposure it brings to Lower Mainland issues has given Rob perspective that includes best practices in other municipalities. 

Independent and Open-Minded
With a steady eye on Port Moody’s future, Rob brings his own fresh perspective to the challenges that come before City Council.  He strives to stay open to new ideas – especially those coming from the community – and never hesitates to stand up for what he sincerely believes.

On Council - 2.jpg

At the Council Table

Bringing initiatives forward, and staying consistent on issues since last election


In the Press

Advocating for residents and their concerns during sinkhole crisis

On Council - 1.jpg

In the Background

Touring infrastructure with colleagues from City Council

On Council - 4.jpg

In the Region

Touring the Legislature and pushing for Lower Mainland issues with members from the Board of the Lower Mainland LGA and our MLA, Rick Glumac